you picked me up and kissed me goodbye
you told me to be good and not to cry
and then you turned to mom and kissed her too
daddy blue

you let me wear your badge and it was fun
but i was much too scared to touch your gun
you told me once it even scared you too
daddy blue

when i see you in the street i feel so proud
and i call out daddy blue so very loud
when my friends ask what you do
i say he makes the world a safer place for you

but then daddy blue when you leave for the day
why do you sometimes look at me that way
and when i say see you tonight
how come you always pick me up and hug me tight
daddy blue

i don’t know what happened yesterday
but mom just started crying right away
i heard her whisper something about loving you

a thousand cops are standing over there
and mom says now it’s time to kneel in prayer
she says i must be strong just like you
daddy blue

but now daddy blue they’ve taken you away
another cop was shot the papers say
but they don’t seem to understand
it’s not a cop that will be missed
but a father’s hand
daddy blue

daddy blue they’ve taken you my daddy blue
daddy blue
daddy blue
my daddy blue